Flight Nursing Salary

Flight nurses earn an above average salary to care for critically ill or injured patients. They need to posses excellent assessment skills, be able to think on their feet and have good acute care skills. It is a job that is filled with stress and adrenaline. However, it is also a highly in-demand, competitive career choice that requires 2-3 years experience as an ER or trauma nurse. Candidates can work in a hospital, with a medical disaster team, in the military, for a private corporation or for an airline.

Flight Nurse Salaries

The median salary for a flight nurse is $66,271 and will vary depending on experience, credentials and the location. It is not generally an increase from the pay scale of a trauma or ER nurse. While it is a highly competitive field, there is still expected to be an increase in demand due to the aging population of baby-boomers. In fact, due to this the nursing field in general is expected to see a significant increase in job opportunities. With nearly 600,000 jobs expected to be available by 2016, this is significantly higher than almost any other occupation.

Standing Apart from the Crowd

It is important when applying for a flight nurse position to be the most qualified applicant. The first step is getting a BSN or MSN and getting licensed by your state. In order to do this, make sure you have all your certifications valid and up-to-date. Joining the Air and Transport Nurse Association professional organization can help with networking opportunities and continuing education. This group also keeps current on any developments or changes that are happening in the field.

Working for a Private Company

While most flight nurses earn the same amount as their counterparts in nursing. However, private flight nurses may earn significantly more. These nurses are often employed by large airlines in order to transport patients who have specific medical needs. They will have all access to necessary medical supplies and equipment in addition to the ability to view the patientís medical history. Without these individuals, many people would be unable to fly for business or pleasure.

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Military Flight Nurses

For military flight nurses, the pay can be over $120,000 a year depending on the years of service and the pay grade. These soldiers are also provided with a housing allowance that varies based on rank and duty station. It can be from $600 to $2500 a year and there is also a basic allowance for subsistence. In addition there are several additional allowances that may be given depending on the circumstances including a family separation allowance, hazardous duty pay, specialty pay and more.

Anyone working as a flight nurse is generally not working for the increase in salary. They enjoy working with the community and have excellent communication skills to deal with patients, families, flight crews and doctors. It is also an exciting field with a never ending supply of exciting, adrenaline filled moments. The pay scale tends to be based on the type of work, the employer and the location.

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