Flight Nursing Jobs

Flight nursing jobs are the perfect opportunity for those who are interested in jumping out of an aircraft in order to help someone who is injured and inaccessible or critically ill and in danger. This is not a job for someone fresh from nursing school as it requires extensive experience and expertise to diagnose and treat patients with life-or-death conditions with little access to many medical technologies.

The Role of Flight Nursing

This is an incredibly in-demand job and it requires hard work to be one of the most qualified applicants. Flight nursing is a subspecialty of trauma nursing. It requires aggressive patient care tactics and workers are frequently employed by hospitals that need to respond to a myriad of emergency situations. They sometimes have to care for patients over thousands of miles and must spend their time in triage while stabilizing the victims until they can get them to a medical facility that is designed to handle that type of emergency.

Flight Nursing Education

While there is not a formalized degree for flight nursing, it is a long educational process. It requires at least an MSN or BSN with experience working in emergency nursing or trauma nursing. This is necessary in order to let candidates experience a variety of potential medical situations that they may encounter in the field. These individuals can also benefit from membership with the Emergency Nurses Association or by taking the Certified Flight RN exam. In addition, having EMT certification, Disaster management certification and various life support certifications may be useful.

Flight Duties

When responding to an initial emergency call, a flight nurse must respond rapidly. Prior to a flight, they will need to make sure the aircraft is stocked and once in flight they will need to be in regular communication with the first responders on the ground and the doctors at the medical facility they are transporting to. At the site, they will need to secure the patient, get them loaded on the aircraft and contact the physician. During the flight back, the flight nurse will prepare the patient for flight and perform emergency medical care.

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Military Flight Nurses

The military can be an excellent place to become a flight nurse. However, there is a fierce waiting list of competitors and few job openings available. The best choice for those hoping to get into this field is to join the Air Force. Flight positions are still rare though, so anyone who joins the military in the hopes of getting into this field should have a back-up plan as well. In fact, with over 3800 nurses in the Air Force, there are only 200 authorizations for flight nurses. This makes it even more critical to have all the necessary training and certification in order to achieve this highly prestigious position.

Flight nursing has an interesting and varied job description. It combines emergency medicine with primary health care in a unique environment. They coordinate and prepare medical evaluations for victims in emergency situations during transport and are trained to provide a valuable service to the community. For anyone wanting to become a flight nurse, they must be prepared to work hard and be able to think on the go.

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